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Consumer/Family Survey

How would you rate Hired Hands' staff in terms of being friendly, courteous and attentive to your needs?
How well did the job coach listen to your needs and concerns?
How prompt was the job coach in returning your phone calls?
How would you rate your training for the job?
How closely does the job match your vacational goal?
How do you feel about your wages?
How comfortable are you in your work environment?
Overall, how do you feel about the job
Overall, how would you rate our services
Have our services helped increase your independence and self-esteem? If not, is there anything you wish we had done? (Answer in text box below)
Do you feel you were kept informed through the supported employment process?(Answer in text box below)
What did you like best about our services? (Answer in text box below)
How can we improve our services? (Answer in text box below)
Please provide your name and the date you submitted this survey.
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