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How Can We Serve You?
We are committed to serving our consumers. Finding you a job and making your employment successful is our top priority. To help you reach your employment goals, we can provide several important services to you:

Situational Assessment
If you are not sure what you want to do, we can arrange a Situational Assessment for you. We will test your skills at real job sites to see if you have an interest in a particular kind of work and have the potential to do the job.

Job Development
After you have decided what youd like to do, we will find a job for you. We will help fill out job applications for you and take you on job interviews to meet the people in charge of hiring. We will help market your skills and special abilities. There is never a charge to you.

Job Coaching
Its easy when were right by your side! We will help you learn your new job by working with you at your new job site. We will help you find the right bus to get to work, stay with you while you learn your new responsibilities, then fade out when you are confident with your skills and job performance.

Follow Along
We will come back and see you even after the job coaching is over. About twice a month, we will visit you at the job site to make sure you are happy and the employer is satisfied with your performance on the job.

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